What are the new DSL plans and prices?

Plan Name Speed Quota Price HT ADSL/VDSL
4M-80GB 4 Mbps 80 GB 75,000 LBP ADSL
OS-110GB Open Speed 110 GB 120,000 LBP ADSL & VDSL
OS-170GB Open Speed 170 GB 170,000 LBP ADSL & VDSL
OS-220GB Open Speed 220 GB 205,000 LBP ADSL & VDSL
OS-300GB Open Speed 300 GB 265,000 LBP ADSL & VDSL
OS-400GB Open Speed 400 GB 315,000 LBP ADSL & VDSL
OS-500GB Open Speed 500 GB 375,000 LBP ADSL & VDSL
CyberSMART - ECO Open Speed UNLIMITED 170,000 LBP ADSL
CyberSMART - Social Open Speed UNLIMITED 200,000 LBP ADSL
CyberSMART - Gamer Open Speed UNLIMITED 225,000 LBP ADSL & VDSL
CyberSMART - Streamer Open Speed UNLIMITED 270,000 LBP ADSL & VDSL
CyberSMART - Platinum Open Speed UNLIMITED 350,000 LBP ADSL & VDSL

In case I exceed my plan quota, what is the price of extra GBs consumption?

In case you exceed the quota of your metered plan, you can add extra GBs for 3,000 LBP per GB. Prepaid subscribers can add Extra GBs online or using Service Cards available at CYBERIA’s authorized dealers.

Postpaid customers can choose to cap their quota (account will stop when quota is reached, extra GBs can be added when needed) or they can choose to uncap their quota in order to keep their account uninterrupted (account will remain active when quota is reached, additional extra GBs consumption will be billed by end of cycle)

Can I still boost my plan with add-ons? What are the new prices?

You can still boost you plan by adding the add-on that covers your needs. You may find below the add-ons lineup, prices and availability.

Plan New price (HT) Can be added on
Unlimited Night (11pm/7am) 36,000 LBP Metered Plans OS-110GB and higher
Unlimited Evening (7pm/7am) 75,000 LBP Metered Plans OS-110GB and higher
Parental Control 30,000 LBP All plans
I am subscribed to the Internet+TV bundle with Cablevision, what are the new bundle prices?

“Add TV bundle” is available on all Internet plans, you can select the desired Internet plan and add a Cablevision TV subscription for a discounted monthly rate:

  • Add TV Full Package Subscription without Sports (4 TVs): $10 (HT)
  • Add TV Full Package Subscription with Sports (4 TVs): $15 (HT)

The above price will be converted to LBP based on daily black market rate. In case I will be out of town for a while, what will be fee for freezing my account?

Account freezing will cost you 24,000 LBP (HT) per month.

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