ADSL is a broadband technology delivering high speed Internet over your existing copper Phone line.

With speeds reaching 20Mbps, you can enjoy a fast Internet allowing everyone at home to download files, watch online videos and movies, stream music, play your popular online games, connect and chat with the family and friends while seeing them, send and receive e-mails and browse the Internet, all at the same time.

To subscribe to Cyberia ADSL services, you need to have a fixed phone line (landline) and fill in Cyberia’s application form.


  • 12$ / 15 GB 30 GB
  • 16$ / 40 GB
  • 19$ / 50 GB
  • 25$ / 70 GB

Full SpeedFS

  • 20$ / 50 GB
  • 30$ / 100 GB
  • 33$ / 120 GB
  • 40$ / 150 GB
  • 46.36$ / 200 GB


  • 23$ / 1Mbps 2Mbps
  • 40$ / 2Mbps 4Mbps
  • 60$ / 6Mbps

All above ADSL plans are subject to special offers for 10$ set-up fee only! To get started and subscribe please visit our Special Offers page.

Extra Traffic:
  • Prepaid Customers: $1 / extra GB
  • Postpaid Subscription: $1 / extra GB, for the first 50 extra GBs
    $0.67 / extra GB, for extra consumption above 50 GBs


  • Above indicated Speeds are "Up To" based on your location and the quality of your copper phone line
  • * Full Speed applies for lines installed on GDS network
  • ** All plans are subject to Fair Use Policy
  • Installation fee (optional): 20$

All prices are subject to VAT

Convenient Subscription Payment Methods

Two methods are currently available:


You have a large file to download and you don’t want to consume your monthly traffic.
For $4 / month you can download as many files as you want during off peak hours every day from 23:00 till 7:00


For $1 / month, Cyberia’s KidsSafe Parental Control filters all the content entering your house, and allows you to schedule homework time and Internet time at your convenience.

Get started for $70 $10 ONLY
Set-up + Free Modem + Benefit from 1 of our 3 ADSL special offers:


1st month =
FREE ADSL Subscription
(4M or Full Speed plan)
+ FREE "Unlimited Evening" 7PM-7AM

2nd and 3rd month =
FREE "Unlimited Evening" 7PM-7AM


1st month =
FREE ADSL Subscription
(4M or Full Speed plan)
+ FREE "Double Quota"

2nd and 3rd month =
FREE "Double Quota"


1st and 2nd month =
Free ADSL Subscription
(all ADSL plans)

Visit our Regular Plans & Rates page to check the monthly renewal price

Unlimited Night - Paid Service


The Unlimited Night feature will be offered at the following prices:

Plan / Speed Price / Month
All Plans 11pm-7am $4

Note: the above prices do not include the 10% VAT

Service Activation

For Postpaid subscribers (accounts with a Bank Withdrawal Agreement as a payment method), a user can activate / deactivate this feature from the account management section on Cyberia's web site as well as on Cyberia's Mobile App.

For a Prepaid subscriber (accounts renewed using a Prepaid Scratch Card or a Credit Card), a user can purchase a 'services' card that he can activate from the account management section of Cyberia's website. When activating a service card, a user is asked to choose the feature he wishes to activate.

Once activated, the subscriber will benefit from an Unlimited consumption between 23:00 and 07:00 every day for the duration of the current Internet subscription.

Service Expiry and Renewal

The Unlimited Night feature subscription will always expire at the end of the ADSL subscription's current billing cycle (whether this was due to the end of the billing cycle or because of the monthly quota traffic consumption), irrespective of the Unlimited Night feature activation date, and will have to be renewed when or after the ADSL subscription has been renewed.

For a Postpaid user, the first time subscription will remain valid till the end of the current month. The subscription to the Unlimited Night feature will be renewed automatically with the coming month's ADSL subscription until the user decides to stop it.

For a Prepaid user, a subscription to the Unlimited Night feature will remain valid until the ADSL subscription expires, where this period could be less than 30 days, depending on the date of the feature activation.

Ex.: if a user subscribes to the Unlimited Night Feature on the 7th of a month, and since the ADSL subscription expires on the 1st of the next month, the user will benefit from a 23 days Unlimited Night.

Stopping the Service

The Unlimited Night feature can be stopped at any time.

Postpaid users will need to sign in to the account management section of Cyberia's website and stop the service. When stopped, the feature will be billed for the current month and will remain available till the end of the current month/billing cycle.

Prepaid users only need to stop activating a 'services' prepaid card in order to stop the Unlimited Night feature. Once an Unlimited Night feature subscription expires, it will remain as such until the user decides to activate a new 'services' prepaid card and choose the Unlimited Night feature from the list of available features.  


For more information please contact our 24/7 Customer Care: 04-727 575

Protecting your child online is now an easy and simple task

One-Click setup - No Download required.

Login to Cyberia's Account Management page and visit my Services section. Click on FREE TRIAL and benefit from an Internet access protection till the end of your current subscription billing cycle.

Enable or Disable from the palm of your hand, wherever you are.

You can turn "ON/OFF" the protection from Cyberia's mobile application whether you are at home, at work or abroad. You can as well from Cyberia website log in to Cyberia's Account Management section and manage the Protection.

Adjust filters with preset levels or Customize according to your needs.

Cyberia's Parental Control service offers you 3 preset and one custom levels of protection. You can choose a Light, Moderate or a Strict level of filtering or you can create your own custom level and choose which categories of content you want to block or allow.

Override filters when necessary to Allow or Block specific sites.

Cyberia's Parental Control enables you to blacklist (block) or whitelist (allow) sites in an allowed category or in a blocked category respectively.

Schedule access to the Internet according to Time or Content: set a homework controlled browsing period and a free browsing time.

You can create a schedule specifying when to stop the Internet access, when to filter it or when to bypass the filter.You can also specify 'school homework' or 'maid housework' periods for example, where the Internet is filtered and addictive sites (social media, video streaming, etc') are blocked.

Protect All the Devices at Home with the press of a Button.

Cyberia's Parental Control protects all devices connected to the Internet through your protected Cyberia connection by filtering all the content entering your house, irrespective of the device requesting the content, whether it is a Phone, a Tablet, a Gaming Console, a PC or a Smart TV.

Control the protection and manage the subscriptions through Cyberia's Mobile App.

You can instantly turn protection ON or OFF using Cyberia's easy to use mobile application, no matter where you are connected from.

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