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3G, short for third Generation, is a term used to represent the 3rd generation of mobile telecommunications technology that allows users to connect to the Internet whether at home, at work or on the move. It is the fastest mobile broadband connection in Lebanon, available anytime and almost everywhere with a speed up to 7.2 or 21 Mbps*

3G Plans and Prices
Plan Validity Extra MByte* Price
500 MB 30 Days $0.02 / MB $4
1.5 GB 30 Days $0.02 / MB $7
4 GB** 90 Days - $17
7 GB** 90 Days - $27

For prepaid services, if you consume your monthly traffic, you need to activate a new 30 days prepaid card with a plan of your choice.

* Applies for Postpaid services on consumption above package.
** Applies only for Prepaid plans.

SIM Card: $8 HT

All the above prices are subject to VAT (11%)
New prices can be paid in LBP based on Sayrafa rate on the transaction date.
An additional 5% collection fee will be added to bank domiciliation.

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Kbps: Kilo Bits per second
Mbps: Mega Bits per second
KBps: Kilo Bytes per second
8 Kbps = 1 KBps = 1KB/s
1 Mbps = 1024 Kbps = 128 KBps = 128 KB/s
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