New Customers ADSL Special Offer

Subscribe now to our High Speed ADSL Internet and benefit from one of our 2 special offers:

  • Unlimited evening: Get unlimited quota from 7PM until 7AM for a period of 3 months and for no additional fees.
  • Double quota: Get a double quota for a period of 3 months i.e. if you subscribe to the 4M/15GB plan for 12$, you get instead 30GB each of the 3 months without paying any additional fee. For more details, please refer to the table below:
4M 15 GB 30 GB
4M 40 GB 80 GB
4M 50 GB 100 GB
4M 70 GB 140 GB
FullSpeed 50 GB 100 GB
FullSpeed 100 GB 200 GB
FullSpeed 120 GB 240 GB
FullSpeed 150 GB 300 GB
FullSpeed 200 GB 400 GB
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Nudged to speed up its services, CYBERIA offers the latest innovation in data transfer over a fiber optics network. The service is now available in Achrafieh, Hamra and Ras Beirut

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