Lower ADSL Prices and Higher Speeds

Plan Down Speed* (up to) Monthly Usage (Up and Down) Price
4M 4Mbps* 15 GB $12
4M 4Mbps* 40 GB $16
4M 4Mbps 50 GB $19
4M 4Mbps* 70 GB $25
FullSpeed Full Speed 50 GB $20
FullSpeed Full Speed 100 GB $30
FullSpeed Full Speed 120 GB $33
FullSpeed Full Speed 150 GB $40
FullSpeed Full Speed 200 GB $46.36
1M 1Mbps Unlimited $23
2M 2Mbps Unlimited $40
6M 6Mbps Unlimited $60

* FullSpeed applies to lines installed over the GDS network

Unlimited Night Service
  • Unlimited Night Service from 11PM - 7AM
  • $4 for 4Mbps & FullSpeed plans
WiFi Modem
  • 4-Ports Ethernet Modem + WiFi
  • On-site installation 20$
  • 1 free voice/data splitter

All plans are subject to a technical feasibility study. In the case that your phone line cannot reach the selected speed, you will be properly informed to recommend the best suitable plan for you.

* All above plans are subject to Fair Use Policy


All the above prices are subject to VAT (11%)

Kbps: Kilo Bits per second
Mbps: Mega Bits per second
KBps: Kilo Bytes per second
8 Kbps = 1 KBps = 1KB/s
1 Mbps = 1024 Kbps = 128 KBps = 128 KB/s

Nudged to speed up its services, CYBERIA offers the latest innovation in data transfer over a fiber optics network. The service is now available in Achrafieh, Hamra and Ras Beirut

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