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LEBANON, Fri Sep 22, 2017

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Exclusive Offer for Cyberia customers

158 Premium TV Channels at special prices

In partnership with ECOnet, the leader in Digital TV Broadcasting Services, Cyberia is pleased to announce to all our subscribers that they can now benefit from preferential tariffs when subscribing to ECOnet services.

Subscribe today and enjoy:

158 Total Premium TV channels
60 channels in High Definition
Up to 4 simultaneous receivers per apartment
24/7 support

All Starting at LBP 23,000 per month

Service requires a dish antenna setup and the ECOnet receiver, included in the offer as per the Offer Details table.

Number of TVs/Receivers First Time Payment
(Regular Price)
First Time Payment
(Exclusive Offer Price)
Monthly Subscription
(after 3 months)
One TV Solution
Dish + receiver + installation
+ 3 months subscription
LBP 279,000 LBP 198,000 LBP 23,000
Two TVs Solution
Dish + 2 receivers + installation
+ 3 months subscription
LBP 444,000 LBP 326,000 LBP 26,000
Three TVs Solution
Dish + 3 receivers + installation
+ 3 months subscription
LBP 553,000 LBP 414,000 LBP 29,000
Four TVs Solution
Dish + 4 receivers + installation
+ 3 months subscription
LBP 662,000 LBP 502,000 LBP 32,000

Note: the above prices include VAT

For more information please contact us: 01-744 101

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